Wikia Fae - Trick at first sight

Normal hours

Wikia Fae - The Blood King on his throne

As it was

I'm a barkeep and proprietor of a waystation, tasks and duties enough for a Fae at my time of life. Not that that's all, mind, but it's plenty to be public knowledge. I've a good ear and a ready tongue, all that's truly needful in a man in my line, and if there are more Light than Dark Fae on the premises, well, most 'neutral' places are more popular with one branch than the other.

Bo: My grandfather - I have to keep saying it in the hope that it'll sink in at some point.

Wikia Fae - Trick discovering what he doesn't need to know

Hale: He's just done it all, you know? Wherever our people have been, he's led'em there - a kind of Moses in mi . . . my estimation.

Dyson: Anyone who's sacrificed the way Trick has for the Fae deserves every last drop of respect we can find. Speaking of ....

The Ash: The tavern-keeper - intrudes, excessively and frequently into the affairs of the Light Fae Elders, believes himself more than he truly is. What he was - is not significant in the modern, growing world.

I've always believed in putting the truth out there whenever possible, and leaving those of discernment to find it. I think that's perhaps why I didn't fully cover my tracks even when I should have. The loophole, however, can become a noose.

Lachlan: Shadows are surprisingly true, wouldn't you say? The one cast by this 'little barman' gave him away, at any rate.

Ciara: It took me forever to work out what it was about him that brought Ailech to mind - hiding his aura of command under a bushel, I guess.

The Morrigan: Even in the dark, and dwarfish, true power resonates, wouldn't you say? Then again, blindness is everywhere, and always en vogue.

Trick: The nickname - well, that's a whale of a tale .... and not one I'll be tellin' anytime soon.