Wikia Fae - Atticus pontificating

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These are frequently de-evolved forms of Fae, or those who can't hope to blend in among humans. Often they're hard to reason with, driven by primal urges.

Atticus: We are beneath only in the estimation of those who declare themselves superior, to their fellow Fae, and to the Humans by whom we all, in one manner or another, live. What is any lifeform without sustenance? A husk - no more, no less.

Pain EaterEdit

Wikia Fae - The Pain Eater draining Bo
Bo: This list begins with the first one I met - that I'm aware of, at any rate. Come to think of it, he had quite a lot in common with that Albaster SOB I ran into a few months later, but anyway, nasty and a feeder on suffering.

Kenzi: OK, this Lon Chaney movie reject was all up inside Bo's head the one and only time I saw him, but my bestie was way too strong for him, and his snack choked him, glad to say. Not getting an Abercrombie & Fitch contract anytime soon, and just plain nasty all around.


Wikia Fae - The Basilisk attempts a counter-strike
Lauren: The pure xenobiological aspects are fascinating - but I'm hoping not to meet another one any time soon.

Kenzi: Most every other Fae we've met, you could see the human, maybe all twisted up, but in there somewhere. This critter - well, OK, technically I didn't see it. Didn't stop it giving me nightmares, though.


Wikia Fae - The Dullahan prepares for battle
Kenzi: OK, let's get this out of the way, right off - headless ick-men is the right term for these creeps.

Bo: I think it's fair to say that these guys were the first thing about the Fae world that totally freaked me out, inside. If Kenzi hadn't been there, I'm not sure what I would've done.


Wikia Fae - The Kappa with Bo against the wall
Wikia Fae - Illustration of Kappa
Kenzi: I never actually saw Mr. 'Bowl in his head' in action, but he sounds entirely creepy. Strong, though, from what Bo and Dyson said, and just totally driven by his need to feed. Pretty typical for an UnderFae, I guess.

Bo: I've made contact with some pretty icky, sticky substances during my time on the Fae-ride, but not many that made me need a bath more than tussling with this thing.