Wikia Fae - Kenzi trying to de-TLC Bo
Lauren: As I probably know least about events, I think I should go first. Lachlan was tightening his grip on my life, so in search of respite I wangled an assignment to the Dal. It's a good thing I have science, as my instincts would never keep me alive.

Kenzi: I'd just got Bo into exploring her bad self when it all gets blown out of the water - by bingo, for cryin' out loud! I mean come on, Trick, try the twentieth century, at least.

Trick: Business has been sluggish of late, so I decided to give something different a go. I'm definitely gonna look into Lauren's mechanical bull idea.

Hale: I set up this whole night of kicking back, and what does Bo do but walk back in and kick my boy in the gut.

Woods: Deserted-lookin' from the approach, but damn if the place wasn' crawlin' with more'n termites when I got inside. Never does pan out as straight-forward as it looks from the outset, somehow. Still, a body gotta keep the cash comin', whatever that takes.

Bo: Like always, it was supposed to be simple. Just fun.

Dyson: When we have trouble, it cuts deep. Like, through bone.