Wikia Fae - Woods demonstrating Boraro powers

Calling the storm

Name's Woods - though rightly I don' even wanna be called that. Less we have to do with one another, better ah'm gonna like it. I'm what they call 'bail services support personnel' - or what useta be a plain ol' bounty hunter.

Wikia Fae - Woods in Bo


If fer some reason ya gotta know, I'm a Boraro - which means y'all do not wanna cross me. Spent me some time in that Succubus, and woo-whee that little lady's got some fightin' spirit in her! 'Course while I was in her, she was in me, so there's another good reason to give her a wide berth, on account of the less folks know 'bout me the better.

Dyson: My hackles were up and teeth on edge from the moment this guy breezed into the bar, but I had no inkling of how much trouble he really was.

Hale: Any guy who just disses the badge, I'm not gonna like, but when he ended up in Bo, and Ciara in me, that was a left turn at Alburquerque past weird for me. Then I watched Bo in him get all pally with her ex's latest, and oldest, in me. It's a good thing Fae don't got shrinks, although, lookin' at my bar tab ....

Trick: Once upon a time, you could say "My bar, my rules", and people at least pretended to take you seriously.

Bo: I've had my nose put out of joint, one way or another, by more Fae than I wanna think about, but this SOB knocked my spirit outta my body. Not entirely his fault, granted, but still ...

The Morrigan: When the Light prattle about 'necessary evil' this is ... one of my first thoughts.